ATTENTION COMPUTER USERS: Over 35 and still suffering from neck pain?
Discover How Even The Most Over-Worked Computer Users and Commuters Are Doing This 15-Minute Sequence To Physically Feel The Pain Signals In Their Neck Dissolve, Realign Their Spine AND Reduce Stress In ONLY 28 Days WITHOUT PILLS, Intense Stretching Or Suffering Through Swampy Hot Yoga Classes and Stuffy Pilates Instructors!

And Yet This Easy Solution Is Being Disregarded by 99% of Doctors, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors!

A New Program Exists to Reduce your Neck Pain Using the best techniques of classic and popular exercise science in just 28 Days. All without the dreaded 3 D’s - Drugs, Doctors and Devices.


The Neck Pain Elimination Program will teach you how to reduce pain and inflammation in your neck so that you can feel younger, reduce stress, and do the things you love to do again.

It involves making your neck move back into normal position, taking away inflammation that makes the pain worse, and reducing or eliminating the causes that make the pain come back again and again AND It only takes 15 minutes!

Almost everyone I have helped with neck pain has a similar story for sleep. They toss and turn at night trying to get into a comfortable position. They adjust their pillow, shift around and put another pillow under their arm or between the legs. Then they do it again 2 or 3 times every night, no wonder they have bags under their eyes and sinus problems.

You bought a new bed, you spent a ton of money on it. It was great for a couple of months. But it doesn’t solve the problem. It doesn’t realign your spine. And it gets the hump in the middle or the trough in the middle and you’re back where you started.

You squirm at your desk, trying to find a comfortable way to sit so you can get things done. You might have a heating pad, or Ice pack. You might pop an Ibuprofen. You might even try to do what the Doctor and Your Mom told you to do when you were a Kid. “Sit up Straight” Well, Thanks for that Great Advice, but it’s NOT WORKING!

When you back out of a parking spot, or change lanes on the freeway, it’s hard to look over your shoulder, so you hope you don’t get into an accident.

Using your phone, computer or tablet starts to get uncomfortable and downright painful if you do it too long.

Even if you are in good physical shape you could have neck or back pain. Many of the people I help at my practice LOVE to Run and Exercise. BUT, the pain comes during and after. Then they stop exercising and feel Even Worse than before!

Most People keep trying different types of exercise until they give up. It turns out they don’t like to do Long Swampy Hot Yoga Classes Or Being Singled out and Used as A Bad Example in A Stuffy Pilates Class!

So, how the heck can you make the pain go away? You need to drive to work. You need to sleep, and you need to use your computer. You tried standing up straight and doing yoga!

And None of those things Solved The Problem.

The answer is my Neck Pain Elimination Program

How do I know it works?

I went through it all myself. Headshot-Mac-2016.jpg
Fix Your NECK NOW!

The Only Reason I’m Smiling in this Picture is because The Photo Session was almost Over

It’s True! You can’t tell but I was Actually in a lot of Neck Pain and Could Barely turn to look at the Photographer! I was getting a headache and being a grouch to my family.

You see, I had to drive an hour to get to this location for my Photo Shoot. Driving always made my neck tired and then the Flare-Up would Begin.

At this point I had learned some tricks to help manage the pain. But I didn’t have the NPE Program Yet and Was Missing 2 KEY Pieces that Made The Neck Pain Elimination Program Work so Well.

I knew that I was going to have to do something about MY NECK or face the possibility of my pain getting progressively worse and leading to disability or surgery or both.

I saw chiropractors, got physical therapy, and talked to my primary care physician. I got an X-ray, Ibuprofen Pills, and offers for steroid injections. The first Doc I saw said I had the neck of a 60 YEAR OLD! It was super scary.

I sent my X-Ray to a trusted Friend who Was a chiropractor. He Said “It’s really bad, but you can mange, it with Chiropractic care and stretching”. Another Doc said “it probably won’t get better without Surgery”.

They wanted to give me drugs, surgery, and or quick solutions that wouldn’t help solve the problem, only mask it or give me temporary relief.

I didn’t like that. It wasn’t going to solve my problem. Neither was taking pain pills forever and losing my independence year by year.

So, I decided to do something about it.

I’ll admit I fell for some gimmicks and products that promised results. That was hard, because deep down I knew that they sounded too good to be true. Pain creams with special ingredients, supplements with herbs and curcumin. I even had my chiropractor tape me with that special tape you see people wear. All were unsustainable or didn’t help that much.

It only made me more determined to find the real solution. So…

I took all the anatomy text books from college, and all the pain management books I could read and I tried everything out one by one.
I tried:

  1. Egoscue
  2. Pilates
  3. Yoga
  4. Physical Therapy Exercises
  5. Athletic Training
  6. Sports Medicine Theories and Exercises

I learned meditation and ancient healing therapies that are centuries old from books about chakras and how they can help heal your body. I Even tried something called Feldenkrais, you name it.

I tried Everything Under the Sun and if it really Worked for me and My Clients. I kept it for this program.

I used anti-inflammatory diets, avoided nightshade vegetables, went gluten-free. Everything!

It took me about 7 years to figure it all out. I wish I had known then what I know now. But here it is, the culmination of my struggles to fix my neck and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Get it Now!

The Best Part? It’s Easy!

It’s really a simple process that you do each week. There’s no complicated, hard to follow routines, that require a bunch of exercise equipment.

In fact, everyone who has completed my program successfully has had everything they needed at home without having to buy anything extra!

You don’t have to have specialized knowledge of Kinesiology, Pilates, Yoga or any Hard Core exercise.

In fact, if you can’t do a downward facing dog, or have no idea what that means, this will be perfect for you.

You don’t have to know about nutrition, nutrient timing, whey protein, or anything about the hottest new vegetable that everyone must eat (think kale). You don’t have to know about anything in advance.

I did all the work for you. Easy, no thinking, just doing. All the information you need is included.

It’s Quick

The Neck Pain Elimination Program works quickly. It only takes 28 Days from start to finish. That’s ONLY a month. How many programs that make permanent change can be done in less than 12 weeks?

Once I figured out the formula, I started feeling better, much better in the first week. I felt better each week and at the completion of the program I felt like a new person and that my neck pain was far behind me. I also lost 6 lbs. that first month. (Just a welcomed side effect)

I almost wish that this product was here when I began my journey to a pain free neck because I could have been done with this whole thing in 4 weeks, rather than 7 years.

But then I wouldn’t have had the chance to help people who suffered like myself.

(My Life Dream and Why I Became a Coach and Trainer)

The Future is So Much Better

Finally Wake up Rested!

Waking up, feeling refreshed and happy to get out of bed is a wonderful feeling.

When you get a good nights rest because you are comfortable and not tossing and turning, you can’t help but feel more rested and energized the next day.

Glide through the world

Stumbling around and tripping on cracks is embarrassing. It’s a Great Feeling To Help someone Lift Something without thinking twice.


Stop saying I can’t do that and start realizing that you CAN do stuff that you haven’t been able to in a while. Once you take care of your neck pain, you will walk upright (which is nice) and be able to move more freely.

Have Energy

Ever hear of the phrase look good, feel good? Well, the phrase feel good, have energy could be just as good and become just as popular because when you feel good, you feel like doing stuff.

Have Friends

You’ll feel like calling friends again, feel like going for a hike, feel like doing the stuff you’re into. Basically the opposite of when your neck hurts.

Be Happy

Doing something for yourself, that you know will benefit you, will automatically make you a happier person. Why not? You are taking care of the only person you can truly help 100% of the time is good for you. It’s you!

Improving yourself will make you happier, every time. Spending money on things that won’t make your better will not make you happy for very long.

Drive Safely

Driving is another thing you will notice is improved when your neck is functional and pain free. You’ll Notice When you’ve got to back out of a parking stall and look over your right shoulder to see if anyone is there.

It’s Nice to know no one is there and not just hope no one is there because you can see what’s back there and not just what’s in the mirror.

Look Younger

You can tell whether someone is young or older in an instant. You can size them up in a millisecond. If they are hurting, they hobble around and look old. They take forever to get out of a chair, or the car. They moan and groan when they do anything. When you eliminate your neck pain following this program, you will change or reverse that effect. Younger is just around the corner.

What Makes Me So Special?

Besides My Personal Struggle. I’ve Made Helping People My life…

I am a Strength and Conditioning coach and personal trainer for the last 17 years. I have 3 Degrees Including a Masters In Physical Education.
Get It Now

I live this stuff.

I make a living by getting people the outcome they need to be happy with their bodies. Often that happiness comes from being pain-free. If I couldn’t truly help people achieve something that they couldn’t do on their own. I wouldn’t have made it this far in my career. I would have given up, but helping people is my calling.

The fact is I’ve made tons of mistakes along the way. The only one I regret was thinking I knew it all, back when I was about 24 years old. Ever since then. I’ve decided to learn by doing and trying everything out there to help my clients and myself cut through the B.S. and find out what really works.

You should try my program because, by process of elimination, experimentation, the scientific method, and higher education degrees. I’ve come up with the single best program for reducing and eliminating neck pain that I think is possible.

I’ve even tried it myself and had great success. I currently use the Neck Pain Elimination Program if I get any stiffness while I write this very letter to you!

I was having constant neck pain that was starting to become chronic. I was scared.

Here is what I learned, Each Method is Valuable, in some way and time and place. But really what works best is a combination of the best parts of each practice, done step by step in a sequence.

Long story short, I used each piece to get my neck pain to go away, and stay away. I’ve never felt better, slept better or thought more clearly.

The Pain Elimination Program Helps:

  1. Sleep quality and quantity
  2. Make you look younger
  3. Gives you confidence
  4. Work longer
  5. Do more activities that you love
  6. Drive longer without stopping
  7. Exercise more often – you know you need to!
  8. Read longer
  9. Have more energy to play with your kids or friends
  10. Quit making excuses for why you “can’t” do stuff

Don’t take my word for it, listen to these people who have been my clients for years and who have tried my Neck Pain Elimination Program and had great success.

1.Mike-B.jpg The Neck Pain Elimination Program has reduced my back pain enough to get off my Nerve Pain Medication in just 4 weeks! I have also increased my overall health tremendously. I’m 53 and went to Mac for lingering shoulder pain I was getting with my traditional weight lifting workout. He put together a posture and Pain Elimination Program that eliminated the exercises stressing my shoulder but still allowed me to build upper body strength. Mac is a super trainer and Program Designer. A++” - Mike B.

2.IMAG1321.jpg “I first got in contact with Mac in 2009 at Live Good Fitness I had major neck surgery, a procedure called laminoplasty. Six weeks after the surgery, I called on Mac to help me regain my neck and shoulder strength. He got me a regime of exercises specifically designed to help me on my way to a speedy recovery (called the Neck Pain Elimination Program). Now about 3 months later and weekly sessions with Mac, I am virtually pain free, and perhaps have greater neck and shoulder mobility and strength than before the surgery. I mostly credit this to Mac's insight and knowledge of the best way to help me recover. He really knows his stuff! THANK YOU MAC!” - Wayne H.

3.Shannon-Cahoon.jpg Five weeks in so far and I'm really enjoying Mac’s Neck Pain Elimination Program. He has an amazing attention to detail in assisting to correct my postural position with every move. It's not just a workout, it's critical alignment training for a stronger foundation of overall health and wellness. His guidance to deeper breathing has been super helpful and something I am now aware of more throughout my day. I'm beginning to feel more open in my chest, more flexible in my hips and overall stronger by the day. Thanks Mac! - Shannon, age 42

4.Bud-B.png "I have been on several different programs and it’s like Mac’s Pain Elimination Program knows what you need.His knowledge of the body and how to get results are amazing.He always knows how to solve most of your problems. (This is coming from a out of shape 73 yr. old !!!) I rate Mac #1 as a trainer and friend."

-Bud B., Retired Professional

5.Arlenw.png "I have been working with Mac Dodds for several years and he has helped me maintain my strength, fitness and good health. When my back and neck started hurting Mac gave me his Neck Pain Elimination Program to try at home. I have delayed surgery because I feel very little pain most of the time. Mac is a professional who cares about those he works with, and is always a positive influence." – Arlene M.

Here’s What the Neck Pain Elimination Program is All About!

This program ONLY takes 28 days to Complete! It has a 4 week step-by-step formula that you Can Not Mess Up! It’s Easy and It steadily increases in challenge each week So you don’t get Hurt and Just get the outcome you want.

Week 1 – Adjustment and Introduction – this week I’ll show you the NPEE (Neck Pain Elimination Exercises) that you will start doing everyday to get your neck pain to go away. You will also track key details about eating and drinking habits.

Week 2 - Will focus on a specific anti-inflammatory component of your diet. Improve sleep with a sleep tracking exercise.

Week 3 - Increase activity level and track another factor that drastically decreases neck pain. Learn how to schedule the healing and increased activity

Week 4 – Grow personally with a proven successful healing and productivity strategy. Increase activity with the second stage of flexibility.

***All of these phases build on each other to fight against the things that make your neck hurt and limit your healing abilities. When you follow them your body will naturally heal.***

So How Much Is Something like this Worth?

Let’s think about this for a second. How much does a doctor visit cost?

About $300 out of pocket unless you use your insurance which can cost between $300-$1,000 month. That’s between $3,600 and $12,000 dollars per year to have the right to see your doctor.

What do they then do? Offer you pills - temporary (co-pay $15 to $75),

A shot - temporary (co-pay $15 to $75),

Physical therapy = time and (co-pay $15 to $75) limited # of visits and then you’re on your own

The insurance might cover the other things like an X-ray ($99),

If that’s inconclusive the MRI ($1,200-$5000).

Now you’ve just spent Lot of money ($4,944 to $17,324) Just to basically be back where you started. In pain, or soon to be when the pills run out or the physical therapy sessions expire.

Then What?

The Doc says “Well, I could do surgery.?” That is going to cost you a lot more than money. But just so you know, the average neck surgery in 2017 costs between $20,000 and $50,000 dollars If you have insurance. Do you think the insurance company is fun to deal with? Especially when you are lying in bed in pain (still, by the way)

Do you think they want to pay for every single thing you might need? Hmmm. Oh, by the way, we still need to tack on the physical therapy, pills, and a wheelchair and/or walker. To the price. At least a $1,000 there.

And you are still in pain with the same problem you had when you started reading this page.

Recovery time Costs MONEY.

How much is your time worth? How much does your boss need you? I’ll save you the calculations, I know you get the picture. I know you can do the math in your head. How does that car and mortgage payment get made if you need to miss 2-4 weeks of work? What if it takes longer?
Get it Now!
Here is a direct quote from a real patient on

I have had 9 back surgeries and a neck surgery in 3 years. My first back surgery relieved the pain at first, but then I experienced hardware failure which required several more surgeries to remove and repair. One of those surgeries was a frontal surgery in which two main vessels ruptured leaving me with 9 units of blood and a ten-day Intensive Care stay. Each of these surgeries were billed at the $100,000 plus area with insurance paying a much less contracted price. Herniated disc surgery is very expensive especially when performed by a neurosurgeon!”

Believe her, you don’t want neck surgery. Take care of your problem NOW! And Save $50,000 to $100,000 dollars and who knows what level of pain and suffering. Because after all that you might still have the same bad habits that got you here in the first place.

You are only making your life better by taking action today!

Going through the doctor pain cycle will cost you big

Trying to go through the frustration of dealing with doctors, taking imaging, injections, pain pills and the depression and uncertainty that comes with all of it isn’t worth it. Especially when it can cost $100,000 dollars and not even be guaranteed to help. Oh, and you could die or be paralyzed too.

Going through the doctor/healthcare pain cycle will cost you 95% more than acting on the Neck Pain Elimination Program right now. And it’s guaranteed to reduce or eliminate your neck pain or your money back. ZERO Risk. AND you can start TODAY.

But. Because I want to get started helping people sooner rather than later. I’ve decided to make a limited time offer. Besides I can’t have you reading at the computer much longer. Your neck will start hurting.

Wait… That’s Not Enough.

So… I’ll Include 4 more BONUS GOODIES That Will Make Your Experience 4 X Better!

(This Is The Only Time These Bonuses Will Be Included With The Program)

FREE Subscription to the Neck Pain Elimination Facebook Group So you can connect and discuss with others who are going through the same thing as you!

Bonus 5th Week of the Program (With NEW healing enhancement Strategy) Helps you take your healing and relaxation to another DEEPER LEVEL. (Not included in the regular 28 Day Program)

Bonus Fitness Workout For when you finish the 5th week. This has a Fat Burning and Pain Free exercise strategy that won’t injure your neck.

Quick Start 3 steps to Instant Pain relief ($$ priceless $$ when you need it!)

Now You can Get the Neck Pain Eliminator for ONLY $17

When you think about it $17 is such a small price to pay to reduce your neck pain or maybe even make it go away forever so that you can start doing the things you love again.
Get It Now!
But If you Wait. . .?

You’ll Have figure it out Yourself

If you decide to pass on this offer you won’t realize how easy it can be to feel years younger, and move and do the things you love. You will have to go through all of the years and education that I went through to come up with the formula for success.

You’ll have to go to the doctor and start the pain cycle and go round and round, trying to figure out who to listen to. You’ll play Russian Roulette with your health and essentially your life. Health Is Life!

You’ll miss out on those days of playing with your children and grandchildren. Miss out on those activities that give you pleasure, and keep you healthy. Miss out on feeling like you know you should.

Chronic pain especially in your neck is so hard to deal with. The slightest stressor can send you into a flare up that keeps you from work, activity, or enjoying your favorite things. Do yourself a favor and get this program so you can just start healing NOW. It’s an uphill battle if you try to go it alone. WHY WOULD YOU?

In fact if you wait and just keep paying premiums on your health insurance for neck pain you would match the cost of this program in about 5 minutes. AND You would still be exactly where you are with your neck pain RIGHT NOW! You could be waiting for your doctor’s appointment, or your MRI or your shot to kick in.

I’m Not Just Saying That

I’m literally guaranteeing that if you follow the Neck Pain Elimination Program you will at least Reduce your Neck pain within 30 days or I will give you 100% of your money back! You have nothing to lose! At All.

If you try the program the exact way it is intended for 4-weeks and you don’t reduce the pain in your neck even a little, just email us and tell us that the Neck Pain Elimination Program didn’t work for you.

But like many others you won’t need to do that. I believe you will be very happy with your purchase and enjoy the good feeling Like many others.

Click Here now and get the Neck Pain Elimination Program Securely.

You will be taken to the 100% Secure Payment Page where you can make a SAFE payment and have instant access to your Neck Pain Elimination Program and all your included Bonuses.


You won’t get to bypass the neck surgery and recovery time and painful injections. You won’t get that time with your kids or grandkids back. You won’t get to live the life you wanted. You will stay where you are now until you take this simple step!


This is a program for people who have neck pain! It’s quick! It takes only 28 DAYS! It’s easy! You can complete everything with equipment you have laying around the house. You get all of These Benefits!

  • 1.Improved sleep quality and quantity
  • 2.Looking younger
  • 3.Increased confidence
  • 4.Work longer
  • 5.Do more activities that you love
  • 6.Drive longer without stopping
  • 7.Exercise more often
  • 8.Read longer
  • 9.Have more energy to play with your kids or friends
  • 10.Quit making excuses for why you “can’t” do stuff
Plus ALL These Bonuses!

1 Month Subscription to the Neck Pain Elimination Facebook Group

Bonus 5th Week of the Program (With NEW healing enhancement Strategy)

Bonus Fitness Workout For when you finish the 5th week.

Quick Start 3 steps to Instant Pain relief ($$ priceless $$ when you need it!)


Q. What do I do if I don’t like the product or it’s not helping me?

A. Send us an email and we will refund 100% of your money. There’s nothing to Lose Except Your Neck Pain!

Q. How Much Does it Cost?

A. The Price is only $17!

Q. How Long Does the Program Take?

A. It takes only 28 Days to complete but many people see relief in just a few days to 1 week.

Q. Does it Really Help With Sleep?

A. Absolutely! The better you feel the better you sleep. Also, 1 part of the program is about using sleep to heal your body.

Q. I’ve had this Neck problem for a long time will it still help me?

A. Yes, you can start at any age!

Click Here to Buy it NOW!

Thanks for looking and congratulations on doing something great for yourself! If you don’t do it now, you’ll miss out on the Program AND the Bonuses Forever!

Live Good,

Mac Dodds

P.S. * This product is New! There is nothing like it out there anywhere! Act now if you want the Newest and most current program out there!

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